What's New in Redux Saga Version 0.14.0

Saga 0.14.0 changes
  • saga helpers (takeEvery, takeLatest, throttle) now have effect counterparts, import them from redux-saga/effects
  • put.sync is now put.resolve
  • takem is now take.maybe

The helper effects change is pretty sweet. This will streamline the process of writing saga code by eliminating the need to know whether something is a helper or an effect. It also makes saga that much more friendly to newcomers. (Using the helpers instead will still work for now, but will eventually be removed.)

There are also a few fixes and one new feature for saga monitors. (Official release notes.) The docs also got some love, most notably with a "Blocking / Non-blocking" cheatsheet written by yours truly. Check it out at the bottom of the API reference here.

Not a huge release, but some good changes!

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